Revived Retro Dressing Table

Revived Retro Dressing Table

We have revived this cool looking dressing table which was in great condition considering it is 50 years old, for our customer in Wrexham.

The lady of the house was fed up of it and wanted to replace it but, the man of the house insisted it was too good to throw away and potentially replace with new, wobbly furniture. Quite right too!!

We have sanded the whole unit back, put a lovely wax finish on the top and used an off white colour on the rest of the unit. It now looks unique, modern and retro all at the same time. There was a question as to whether to replace the handles, we think the right decision was made in keeping the originals!!

Another Beautiful Endings professional furniture paint finish for this piece. Next we have the matching wardrobe to do….see our coming blogs for pictures.


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